Our Story

The supreme goodness is like water, nourishing all of creation without trying to compete with it. It gathers in the low places unpopular with men. Therefore it is like the Tao..
In dwelling, live close to the ground. In dealing with others, be gentle and kind. In speaking, stand by your word. In governing, lead with integrity. In making a move, choose the right moment. One who lives in accordance with nature does not go against the way of things. He moves in harmony with present moment, always knowing the truth of what must be done. "Lao Zi".

The Chinese character 上池 which translates to Healing Pond is based on the famous story from Shi Ji (The Record of the Grand History).

In Shi Ji it tells of the legend of Bian Que, an ancient story about an accomplished and caring physician. This legend profoundly impacted Kai Yan’s family and the retelling of the story goes back four generations of doctors and passes on practitioner philosophy. Up to over 100 years ago Kai Yan's great grandfather first set up Healing Pond 上池 and began generations of healing practitioners in her family.

The story of this legendary physician, and family is what gives substance and inspires the aims of Healing Pond Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Centre in Box Hill.
A few facts are known of Bian Que’s life through historical records, most notably through the famous scholar historian Si Ma Qian. Born around 5th century BCE the story of Bian Que begins when he was a young man and who it seems had some special attributes, one of which was his interest in medicine, though he was yet to begin his studies.

One day he met a mysterious man with magical super powers from “Heaven”. However Bian Que was unaware of his potential of becoming a good physician. The mysterious man named Chang Sangjun, immediately recognised Bian Que’s hidden talents and could see that Bian Que had a special healing gift that was not yet fully expressed and that he would one day become a famous doctor in all of China.

Chang Sangjun offered Bian Que some special herbs as a gift, advising Bian Que to take the medicinal herbs mixed with a special kind of water from the 上池 "Healing Pond", which we later understand contained magical qualities. Chang Sangjun instructed Bian Que to take the herbs continuously for thirty days with the "Healing Pond" water. Bian Que followed the mysterious magical man’s instruction dutifully.
Thirty days later Bian Que seemed to have developed a special gift: the ability to see into people, which helped him to see their health disharmonies, the root cause of their disease, read a person’s constitution and understand their personality. With this he was also able to therefore understand how to heal them. His latent natural gift for healing was enhanced tenfold.

Ever since, 上池 Healing Pond represents the magical water to be taken with prescription herbs to intensify and aid the benefits and results of the medicinal herbs. Also 上池 Healing Pond can be interpreted to mean that the practitioner is also empowered as to then help heal more people.
These days to call another practitioner a “living Bian Que” is a way complementing a physician’s skill. A high honour indeed.
This is the story that started Healing Pond tradition in kyl's family four generations ago which has now been transported to contemporary Melbourne. We could say that Bian Que’s special medical knowledge has reached Melbourne in Box Hill. The inherent nature of water is healing. At Healing Pond, our goal is to be mindful of the body and our desire is to help people to be repaired and restored. Chinese Medicine at Healing Pond just happens to be the place where this can happen.